Awards, Artistic support, Funding and Sponsorship

In 2004 Macauley was nominated and selected as an Olympic Torch Bearer for Great Britain London, Athens Greece as part of 

The award was presented by Ken Livingston (Former Mayor of London) with support from London Contemporary Dance School, Veronica Lewis (Principle of LCDS) at

Awards from 2009/2016 include  Austria choreographic development Award, Dance East choreographic, Canada Mile Zero Dance - Alberta Arts Council, Edinburgh Fringe Scotland, Certamen Internacional de Coreografia Burgos and New York, Masdanza Canary Island, Bonnie Bird Award, Place Prize Pre Semi Finalist, Lisa Ullman and Jacobs Pillow, USA and numerous others. 

From 2010 - 2015 Macauley was funded by Arts Council England for the development numerous workshops, community outreach and performances regionally, nationally and internationally. This includes a special award as part the 2012 Olympic Games held in East London.


Duality 2012 

Official Olympic Mark East Region

Dance digital work Duality received the Olympic Mark for outreach and performance events in the East region. 

Big Dance - Trafalgar Square, London 2012

As part of this major international event Macauley created a short dance work as part of    

An outreach and community dance project in support of the of the Big Dance 2012 in Trafalgar square in partnership with Arts Depot and Sadler's Wells, London.

Digital dance work, Duality was created in three stages. Stage one was a video shoot based on the accumulation of ideas and the generating of movement material. Stage two was a stage performance as part of Digital Futures in Dance - a conference on interactive digital media within live performance. The final stage was a full scale work with the integration of all elements of digital media. Duality toured extensively within the United Kingdom and was created with the support of Arts Council England, Dance East, South East Dance and the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, London   

Duality - Dance East, United Kingdom

September 7, 2013

Collaborators Sammi Fang and Ji Wei Hung (KOREA) 

In 2014 Macauley was a semi final winner of Burgos and New York International dance contest. Throughout the period of one week Artistic Director Harriet Macauley led a series of workshops, discussions on choreographic practice and provided advisory sessions on setting up digital dance projects nationally and internationally. Certamen Internacional De Coreografica Burgos and New York International Choreography Contest Spain.

Collaborators Sammi Fang, Ji Wei Hung (KOREA) - Sound Score Richard Leonard (UNITED KINGDOM)

Solo work, Inside Out was funded by Arts Council England and Mile Zero Dance, Alberta Arts Council Canada. Performed as part of Edinburgh Fringe Festival Dance Base, Sadler's wells Connect Festival, London. 

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