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“I would like to congratulate InDance Barcelona, produced and directed by Harriet Macauley...Joining the roster of InDance Barcelona for 3 days in April 2018 was an enriching personal and professional experience, and one that has added significant value to my career”

Throughout the three-day event I also worked with personnel from the SAE Institute, where I was able to record high-quality process footage; photography, media footage; where I performed in the festival’s Gala.

“InDance is performance and education on a global scale in Barcelona!”

Jenna Pollack - Gradate and Performer of The Juilliard School (USA)

"Working for InDance has been a great opportunity to meet other professionals and to work in conjunction with people who share the same passions and are driven by the same enthusiasm in creating multidisciplinary, multimedia performances"

Loon Visuals/Digital media ITALY/SPAIN as part of InDance Barcelona 2018

"I was specially invited to attend the first edition of InDance Barcelona on the 8th April as part of a vibrant and internationally driven program of contemporary and commercial dance works.


The evening opened with a live video feed of PUSSYCAT DOLL Carmit Bacher from her LA studio Star West in support of the talent performing for the evening. 


The  event was directed and led by Harriet Macauley and the InDance team. The performances included early, mid and established choreographic dance works from Spain, UK, Mexico and USA.

The standard was high. 


Harriet is a former lecturer of the IAB and through the instigation of InDance Barcelona she has managed to build a wealth of photographic and video material to support the development of young students studying within the university. 35 students volunteered to take part within professional video shoots, photography sessions, schools outreach and undertook the role of workshop leader and advisor to Barcelona and international visitors attending the event. Isidro Ridout a Alum (recent graduate) of IAB travelled from London to lead a Heels Dance workshop and perform in a professional video shoot led by the SAE (university of technology) Barcelona. 


InDance Barcelona is vibrant, dynamic and strong team of individuals who are enriching the lives of aspiring young people, students, professional and academics within the city of Barcelona and internationally. Further to this the framework of establishing an international platform in the heart of Barcelona has increased awareness of the cities wealth of talent and the artists, performers residing within and outside the city.

Emma Groves-Raines.

Institute of the Arts Barcelona

Harriet Macauley - DIRECTOR 

Harriet Macauley - DIRECTOR 

Carmit Bacher - PUSSEYCAT DOLL

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